How To Build A Virus-Proof Design Business

daily videos Mar 23, 2020

Things have changed dramatically in the space of a few weeks for the whole world. Social distancing and self-isolation mean that the rules have changed for designers, giving us two options:

1. To sit at home and twiddle your thumbs and wait for things to normalise.


2. Use this time to bulletproof your design business for the world we are moving into and more importantly BUILD MOMENTUM.

Today I will talk about the three major steps that you can take to grow when most are talking about having a break.

Some highlights from this episode: 

• Build an offer that get’s taken seriously.

• Build 1 strategy to get calls for free.

• Execute consistently.

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Building A Portfolio Sucks, What You Should Be Doing Instead

daily videos Feb 28, 2020

Many designers go to the strenuous effort of building a beautiful and detailed portfolio only never to really leverage it to get paid projects.

Today’s episode Patrick will talk about why a portfolio is a terrible waste of your time if you are trying to build a profitable design business.

Some highlights from this episode: 

  • Portfolios take ages to build (Most people wait to long to be ready)
  • They are written in the wrong language format for your prospects
  • They value process over results (This is 100% WRONG!!)
  • They keep you out of the real money opportunities (advisory services)
  • What to do instead of building a portfolio
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Why You're Not Seeing Results From Your Design Website

daily videos Feb 26, 2020

Spent ages perfecting your design website for no-one to reach you through it?

Many designers go to the strenuous effort of building a beautiful and detailed website only to never see anything fruitful come from it.

Today’s episode Patrick will talk about the biggest mistakes that designers make when it comes to their website and why they aren’t getting desired results from it.

Some highlights from this episode: 

  • Your website should be a living thing.
  • Your website is not a design tool, it’s a marketing tool.
  • Most design websites are selfish.
  • The don’t talk about the problem (dinner party example).
  • Too many distractions.
  • The sell design services instead of the call.
  • No traffic.


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