#022 - How To Build A 6-Figure Offer For Your Design Business

Uncategorized Oct 10, 2019

Most designers haven’t even heard of the idea of an “offer”, they just go out to the market and sell their design services at an hourly or market rate. Understanding what an offer is then how to build one will allow you to move beyond charging based on time and move towards charging based on the value you provide. This is where the real money is to be made.

In today's episode, Patrick walks through the most important aspects of building a 6-figure offer for your design business.

Some highlights from this episode: 

  • What is an offer and how is it different to charging for services? 
  • Why you only want one of them
  • Why they are so powerful 
  • How to think to build a 6-figure offer 
  • Where to start with building your own 6-figure offer 
  • You don’t have to carry people up the hill, they just need to get up there easier than if they tried without your help
  • You should never stop building out your offer 

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