#029 - How To Build $80k/Month Design Offer With 8 Metrics

Uncategorized Oct 30, 2019

There is no doubt that the success of my design business and the people I help in my program Design Authority™ comes down to our ability to create and get a powerful offer in front of our markets. Not respecting the 8 metrics shown today is like ignoring the laws of physics and trying to get a rocket to the moon. 

In today's episode, Patrick discusses the eight metrics that you need to abide by in order to build a powerful design offer for your market.

Some highlights from this episode: 

  1. Return on investment 
  2. One type of problem
  3. Painful problem/powerful transition
  4. The language of the person with the problem
  5. The ratio between labor and expertise
  6. Least amount of steps
  7. Blue ocean
  8. Responsibility

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