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Step One: Watch This Behind The Scenes Walk-Through Of The Most Effective Marketing Strategy In The Design Space

Demo: The Email Strategy Our Designer Students Use To Book Calls In Less Than 30-Minutes A Day.

This walk-through is part of the Email Client Machine training available below.

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Create A Consistent, Automated Email Lead Generation System That Books Qualified Appointments In Less Than 30-Minutes A Day.

Save $400 on this in-depth implementation program.

Here’s the down low.

I’m gathering a select group of design business owners and showing them exactly how to harness their current skills to create a consistent, automated lead generation system that books qualified appointments daily.

It’s called the Email Client Machine because we aim for straightforward outcomes. I’m going to guide you to configure an online system, get your first batch of high-quality leads, and see a substantial increase in your client interactions within 90 days. Then I’m going to give you the tools to maintain and amplify these results indefinitely.

These results are NOT typical but clients who’ve gone through this:

• A graphic designer who sent out $400,000 worth of proposals in just 60 days.

• A digital marketer who was so overwhelmed with new business that he had to pause the system to catch up.

• A brand strategist who secured her first six-figure contract after fine-tuning her outreach strategy.

They achieved this by integrating the robust frameworks and AI-driven personalisation tactics I’ll teach you into their existing models to create ONE powerful, strategy to book calls.

This is perfect if you’re already familiar with basic digital communication tools (like emails and social media) and want to translate your efforts into measurable, profitable outcomes online.

An online system in this context is something that allows you to connect with potential clients without directly exchanging your time for money and can be operated from anywhere in the world.

And market it without resorting to complicated funnels or pushy sales tactics.

You and I will cover everything you need to autonomously run this system…

You’ll also get:

• Automated Lead Generation System: Learn to set up and optimise a system that works daily to book high-quality appointments with minimal input, using less than 30 minutes of your day.

• Personalised Email Strategies: Utilise AI technology to craft personalised messages that resonate with your target audience, ensuring higher engagement and conversion rates.

• Comprehensive Tracking and Analytics: Master the use of tracking systems to monitor and refine your marketing efforts for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

• Proven Templates and Frameworks: Access a variety of ready-to-use templates and detailed frameworks that simplify the process of campaign creation and execution.

• Exclusive Support Community: Gain entry to a private Skool group and regular live sessions with experts, providing you with continuous support, feedback, and community interaction to help scale your business.

• Plenty of frameworks, real-world examples, and templates at your disposal.

Now…if I were you…

I’d probably have quite a few questions.

Where and when?

We’re starting this now.

You should allocate at least a couple of hours each week.

I’ll include you in a private Skool community along with me.

You’ll get full access to a comprehensive, step-by-step guide.

We provide daily support.

Every week, you’ll join 2 x live Q&A sessions with me personally.

How does it work:

We’re looking for participants who are ready to implement, experiment, and share their results.

I’m accepting new members today, and I’m inviting YOU to join us.

This isn’t just another online course where you’re left to watch endless videos on your own.

I’ll break everything down into manageable actions that can be completed in a few minutes each day.

Throughout the program, we’ll work together in a private group to discuss specific strategies tailored to YOUR business, helping you put what you’ve learned into practice and measure your success.

I’m eager to develop some strong case studies from this group, so I and my team will invest time in helping you maximise your results.

I even offer bonuses for active participation and implementation.

How much time do I need?

We’re going to be working closely, but it won’t take over your life—just a few hours across the month is enough.

Our group thrives on mutual support. When you achieve, we all learn. When others succeed, you’ll gain insights from their experiences.

I’ll wrap up here to keep this concise.

Do you need to be a marketing guru?

Not at all. In fact, being too familiar with traditional marketing might make you second-guess the innovative simplicity of my approach. If you can use email and navigate basic online tools, you’ll fit right in.

What do you need to bring?

Just your existing professional skills and an openness to apply them in new ways. We see excellent outcomes for designers, agency owners, and creatives who are ready to adapt.

Will The Email Client Machine work in your field?

I’ve successfully adapted these strategies across a diverse range of sectors. As long as you have a marketable skill and there are people out there who need it, these methods can be tailored to fit your design space, just like the 500+ students that I’ve worked with one on one.

Are there any bonuses?


You’ll get access to The Email Client Machine Funnel, which I normally charge up to $7,000 to set up for clients. This tool alone will save you hours of technical setup and hassle.

You get instant access to an exclusive community where you’re not just a participant but a valued member. This is where the magic happens—you can ask questions and receive not just answers, but comprehensive feedback from both instructors and other successful design business owners.

On top of this we give you access to “Weekly Collab Calls” two group calls we run every week for people in our community. You can use this to ask questions and get help implementing your own Email Client Machine.

Plus, there’s a special reward when you hit your first >$5,000 project milestone—but I’ll keep that as a surprise for now 🙂

What’s the investment?

Missing out could cost you significantly, but getting started is easy.

Just $100. Simple, right?

Is there a guarantee?

Yes, I stand by my promise to help you succeed.

I commit to working with you until you reach at least your first 10 booked calls, as long as you’re actively following the instructions.

No sitting back and expecting results—you’ve got to put in the effort.

Ready to jump in?

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