The Profitable Designer Show

The Profitable Designer Show

Hosted by: Patrick O'Connell

The Profitable Designer Show is the best show in the industry for design businesses to learn about building offers, traffic, marketing, sales, and ultimate business mastery. Patrick O'Connell is the founder of the...

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How To Move Beyond A Freelancer And Become A Business Builder

Episode #46

The CEO of McDonalds doesn’t cook the cheeseburgers.Most designers think they are business owners, when they are in fact freelancers.Having a business is about building systems and processes to replace yourself so...
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Don’t Hide Behind Design Buzzwords

Episode #45

This is the single biggest killer to a designer communicating their value.Most designers stay stuck behind many of the industries most commonly used words thinking it is the best practice, when it is really  shooting...
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Ready, Fire, Aim

Episode #44

Designers get the order wrong. We have been lead to believe that we have to get everything perfect before we reach out to the market. This is a slow and destructive strategy. Today I will talk about why you need to...
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How Word Of Mouth And Referrals Kill Your Ability To Grow

Episode #43

Yep, you heard that correctly. Yet 95% of the average designers projects come from these two sources, so how could how could they be bad? Today I will go through why word of mouth and referrals kill your ability to...
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The Deadly Mistakes Designers Make With Their Websites

Episode #42

The minute you learn fundamental marketing principals, you start to cringe at the design space Most designers spend 10 times more energy on building the “perfect” website and online portfolio only to get next to zero...
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Snowballs & Investing

Episode #41

Wether you are aware of it or not, you are an investor. Money is not the only thing that can be invested. Time, focus, energy, emotional investment are just to name a few of the things that you invest either well or...
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The Power Of Constant Outreach

Episode #40

If I could narrow down the success of the students going through my program to one thing, it would be this: Reaching out to new businesses and starting a conversation. Today I will walk you through why this is more...
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Why Most Designers Never Hit Their Business Goals

Episode #39

It’s a sad reality, but most designers never hit their business goals. Today I will walk you through some core ideas that get designers stuck on the way to their business goals and how to overcome them. Some...
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The Tug Of War Between The Artist And The Business Owner

Episode #38

Every successful design business is the result of great work combined with an advanced understanding of business. The designers who cannot balance the tug of war are the ones that go broke. Today I will walk you...
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What You Can Learn From Your Local Supermarket

Episode #37

The principals for success are literally everywhere embedded in our everyday life. And there is no better display of this in a place that we have all visited hundreds if not thousands of times. The supermarket Today I...
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How I Handle The Haters In The Design Space

Episode #36

When you start spending more than 6-figures on paid traffic a year, you start to generate attention. Most people respond positively, but there are also those who don’t respond well at all. These are the haters. Today...
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How To Transition To A Virtual Design Business

Episode #35

The impact of the Corona virus over the last 80+ days means that many designers are starting to look at alternatives to the traditional model of face to face design consulting.  Today I will walk you through the key...
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