The Profitable Designer Show

The Profitable Designer Show

Hosted by: Patrick O'Connell

The Profitable Designer Show is the best show in the industry for design businesses to learn about building offers, traffic, marketing, sales, and ultimate business mastery. Patrick O'Connell is the founder of the...

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Why Most Designers Marketing Stinks

Episode #34

Eventually every design gets to the point that they realise that their existing network isn’t going to provide them with enough opportunity. So the next step is getting the word out there. Get on FacebookGet on...
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How Your Design Process Can Be Killing Your Sales (And How To Fix It)

Episode #33

The excitement of a new prospect entering your pipeline gets the adrenaline pumping…  You meet up. They're excited.  You walk them through how you do things You drop the price.  Then nothing. The pain of getting...
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Building A Portfolio Sucks, What You Should Be Doing Instead

Episode #32

Many designers go to the strenuous effort of building a beautiful and detailed portfolio only never to really leverage it to get paid projects. Today’s episode Patrick will talk about why a portfolio is a terrible...
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Why You're Not Seeing Results From Your Design Website

Episode #31

Spent ages perfecting your design website for no-one to reach you through it?Many designers go to the strenuous effort of building a beautiful and detailed website only to never see anything fruitful come from...
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Why Your Not Getting Clients From Your Design Pitches

Episode #30

There is nothing worse than going to all of the effort to pitch to a potential design client only to have them say no thanks or never get back to you In today's episode, Patrick discusses 5 reasons that you’re not...
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How To Build $80k/Month Design Offer With 8 Metrics

Episode #29

There is no doubt that the success of my design business and the people I help in my program Design Authority™ comes down to our ability to create and get a powerful offer in front of our markets. Not respecting the 8...
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Build More Design Business Momentum With Outbound Referrals

Episode #28

Some of the lowest hanging fruit in our design business is our immediate network. The opportunities that come through this channel are always easier and quicker to close because we come recommended so having systems...
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The Question All Struggling Designers Can’t Seem To Answer

Episode #27

First off I will admit, I LOVE CREATING HIGH-QUALITY WORK. As designers, we all love our craft. Our knowledge, our skillset, our theories, our inspirations. More practice and learning help us produce higher quality...
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How To Prepare Like A 7-Figure Closer On Your Sales Calls

Episode #26

Abraham Lincoln was quoted as saying “ Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” An axe is a strength multiplier. You can be the strongest lumberjack in the world, but...
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Your Energy Is Your Greatest Asset In Your Design Business

Episode #25

Many designers I speak to think that the key to success is the high-level ninja tactics and strategies when most of it is really being smart and thoughtful with the application of your biggest and most valuable asset....
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The Design Business Metaphor Of The Spaceship

Episode #24

Building a design business is a lot like launching a rocket ship. With a rocket, there are many laws of physics that need to be respected, and our design business is no different. Understanding these laws and the...
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How To Operate With Donald Trump Levels Of Confidence In Your Design Business

Episode #23

A designers lack of confidence in their ability is the biggest killer of their business. Without the right mindset, attitude, and environment it is hard to effectively perform each of the tasks required to get your...
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